How we provided five-star connectivity to the luxury Plas Coch holiday park

"We implemented an innovative, dynamic and modern WiFi solution that meets the ever-growing demand for high-speed connectivity at holiday parks, creating 'smart' lodges of the future."

We delivered

A complete reengineering and overhaul of existing infrastructure

Home-from-home, high-speed connectivity at a hard-to-reach, Anglesey holiday park

An adaptable model for highly-connected lodges, fit for the future of smart tech

"Plas Coch holiday park is one of our more exclusive resorts and therefore it was imperative that we provided our customers with a fantastic WiFi and internet experience. WiFi 4 Leisure took over our existing system, re-engineered the whole thing and gave us back an amazing internet package. We can have over 2500 devices connected across that park on a given day with no loss of performance."

Heidi Beattie, Property Director, Park Leisure

Project overview

Plas Coch is a holiday home park nestled on the remote Isle of Anglesey. Owners are accustomed to a five-star experience, as soon as they step on-park.

With smart devices proliferating and user behaviour rapidly changing in favour of VoD (Video on Demand) streaming, as well as Working from Home, Plas Coch were desperately in need of a connectivity solution that delivered the goods and simply worked. That's where we came in!

We implemented a complete overhaul and re-engineer of the park's existing fibre optic and ethernet infrastructure. As well as delivering the necessary increased internet capacity providing impeccable WiFi speeds and reliability, our dynamic, resilient solution has provided the park with a model which is fit for the future of highly-connected 'smart' lodges

The challenge: in 2015 a dated mast solution, and a difficult location was continuously causing problems

When we first partnered with Plas Coch in 2015, one of Park Leisure's many luxury holiday home locations, we inherited a poor mast-based distribution WiFi solution. Not only was it unsightly, but it had bettered by the extreme weather, most of the equipment was pointing at Jupiter, and was utterly failing to meet the expectations of the park's users.

Holiday homes often fell withing the blackspots between the various masts, where the signal strength more often fell short of the minimum service levels. There was no cohesive solution in place to provide the user with a seamless experience.

The business was receiving a large volume of complaints from owners who were feeling short changed on the luxury lodge experience they had been promised.

In 2015, the brief was to provide a Hotel Internet Experience for recreational Internet and Email access. Taking the positive feedback from the other parks which had adopted the same solution. By 2020, the evolution of smart devices proliferated the network and it was reprogrammed to reflect the 'Home from Home' experience. In 2015, gone were the days of stepping into a holiday lodge and being content with poor, patchy WiFi or no connectivity at all. By 2020, Holiday homeowners and park users increasingly wanted to be able to watch VoD (Video on Demand), or to work from home, as well as stay in touch with loved ones through video calls.

In 2015, having contended with difficulties of a mast solution, and limited fibre internet connectivity, by 2020, it was clear the infrastructure and reception needed more internet capacity, and major work and a complex reconfiguration. The park's scenic location compounding the internet supply challenge.

How did we implement a solution fit the future of smart tech?

Plas Coch case study

Our solution: an infrastructure overhaul for increased capacity

To deliver the WiFi experience owners expected, the Plas Coch park was re-engineered. IN order to mimic that 'home from home' experience the wireless and network infrastructure needed more capacity both in throughput and internet bandwidth. With over 330 holiday homes, and the staycation experience pushing occupancy levels to 98% (a record), we had seen the average device count per plot, grow from 4 devices (2015), to 15 devices (2020). This meant at a peak time there were almost 5000 devices connected. On a cold wet Friday evening, what was once, a Sky movie or Freeview movie, had suddenly become a Netflix or Amazon Prime movie, and not just limited to the Living Room TV, but perhaps the Kids bedroom TV as well as Tablet or Smartphone.

A key challenge on any holiday park is controlling the Wireless air space and channelling. In practice, this means the use of one common wireless name, and a wireless controller to manage the wireless channels to provide optimal coverage, across the park. Each holiday home has it's own private password, and private network.

The result: a holiday park of smart lodges fit for the future

Feedback from owners and park management has been phenomenal. We've developed an adaptable model and WiFi solution that's not just fit for the modern day, but is more than braced for the future evolution of smart tech.

The quality, reliability and standard of our work for Park Leisure has led us to becoming their ultimate trusted connectivity partner. With a complete reengineering, overhauled infrastructure and increased capacity, each of Park Leisure's sites has since been aligned to this model.

Plas Coch result

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