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A little about us

At holiday home resorts, caravan parks, lodge sites and other similar facilities, customers appreciate an internet solution that just works - no fuss, no hassle. We're here to give you that confidence.

Too often, being away from home is often seen as an excuse for poor connectivity. At Wifi 4 Leisure, we're on a mission to solve this - we deliver unbeatable home-from-home internet and WiFi experiences for users, time and again.

Time is valuable. The managed internet and WiFi solutions that we deliver are high-speed, easily accessible and completely accommodating of today's high demands for device connectivity.

At Wifi 4 Leisure, we get it. We cut out the nonsense with flawless, completely managed connectivity solutions, allowing everyone to crack on with all the good stuff that they love.

Whatever demands your on-site users have - streaming films, playing games, downloading that ebook - have confidence in being able to connect and browse just as you would at home.

We handle every aspect of the internet and WiFi connectivity at your facility - that means all support requirements, for complete peace of mind. Absolute bliss, guaranteed.

We're passionate about delivering the best experience there is, handling all behind-the-scenes technical requirements and infrastructure.

Sounds good to you? If so, let's get cracking on a world-class internet and WiFi solution for your holiday park resort. Get in touch with our friendly team for a connectivity experience that users will love.

Why choose Wifi 4 Leisure for your resort?

Seamless, speedy and secure internet and WiFi connectivity - we want your lodge, caravan or holiday home facility to look the very best it can in front of your users.

Make an investment that you and your customers can rely on.


Over 20 years' experience of delivering, running and managing network infrastructure services.


A track record of delivering similar systems throughout the UK.


A dedicated support team, always there should the worst happen.


Each solution tailored and bespoke to your needs


Delivery packages that make the investment more affordable to you


We know our stuff, but we're easy to understand. We don't blind you with technical detail - unless you'd like us to!

Here's what we do

The proof is in the experience. Here's how we deliver excellence, every time.

  • Technical support at every stage, to both you and your users

  • Installation and maintenance

  • All your requirements covered, end to end

  • Easily accessible, always-on systems - turn up, get connected, whenever needed

  • Fibre and copper wired solutions

  • Multi-device connectivity, with roaming on site for all users

  • Super speedy up to 1GB, wherever you are on site

  • A virtual private network for every user

  • Secure, safe and reliable connectivity

  • Push notifications for users and ability to upsell services and packages

What we do

How you'll benefit...

  • Happy customers: Speedy, reliable connectivity means satisfied on-site users - of course!

  • Tailored to you: A dedicated personal assistant, working closely with you to deliver a bespoke solution fit for your requirements

  • Peace of mind: An accredited, experienced and trusted solutions provider on your side

  • Customisable solutions: Apply your own branding to the installation, providing that all-important personal touch

  • Power to you: Communicate and upsell products and services directly to the end user

  • Everything covered: We're your 'one-stop' solution provider, all under one roof

What we do

What we guarantee to you

  • Expertise: We pride ourselves on providing expert technical support for everyone - you and the end user

  • Your own personal assistant: A dedicated point of contact, ensuring you get a connectivity solution that ticks all the right boxes, and more

  • Accreditations: We've got all the certifications, demonstrating our commitment to excellence

  • Managed performance: So you and your users are always connected

guarantee to you

Let's get started.

You're already getting closer to that exceptional internet and WiFi solution.

Don't delay - get in touch with our techie team and tell us a little more about your facility and what you have in mind. After we've got all the information we need, one of our experts will work up a detailed solution, tailored to your needs.

There's no obligation, but we think you'll like what you see. Drop us a line today.

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